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Mario Joy Playin' Lyrics - Şarkı Sözleri

Mario Joy Playin’ Şarkı Sözleri

You better stop playin,stop playin,stop playin
Cuz i’m not playin’ with you,no i’m not playin’ with you
For love takes two,for love takes two
I thought i told you from the start

Seven days of seven yeah, seven days of seven
I love you,oh i love you
So quit playing games
I think we stand a chance

This type of love is making me sick
To me it seems like you playing a bit
But I ain’t got time for the kiddy games
Lets get serious baby I hope u feel the same
And I don’t wanna feel the pain
You know love takes 2 thats a simple thang
Add it up one heart plus another heart
It’s time for make up sex I need another start!
Let’s go

Mario Joy Playin’ Dinle

Söz: Marius Dumitru Nicula, Bejinariu Ionut

Müzik: Marius Dumitru Nicula

  • 14 Nisan 2018 tarihinde eklendi.
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